Hiding corruption in CWG2010 Delhi – Whose Pride?

I live in country named India.

The capital city new delhi is hosting commonwealth games from 3rd october to 15 october.Salient notable features ( from the horse’s ( athletes ) mouth ) are

– Shabby construction of games village.

-Terrible hyeigiene inside the rooms, toilets dirty,beds and baths stained and shit found inside.

-Expenses have been many times more than planned with all other health and welfare funds of govt put  into  games.

-Organised by people who refused to see the obvious.

-shoddy and unsafe construction evident by many failures.

– dug up and left over in all city leading to congestion.

-untold amount of money spent in facilities at exorbitant rates.

-notable  accidents include falling of bed of indian boxer who was told to shut up or face     the   music.

-Who is in the command

– the  politicians and the govt engineers and IASs selected by the Union Public service Commission for serving the pride of country.

-The Guest complain for normal life and they are accused by indian leaders to be asking for luxury.

What did they ask ?

Cleaning of the following.

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This is given under the name of “Atithi devo Bhav” slogan by the leaders of india which is supposed to mean ” guest is god like”.

Shame !!!!!!!!

Shame on such leaders who sucked public tax money and created such horror for guests.Shame on all family members of such corrupt people to be a partner in the crime for looting money.

And Shame at last to all those who ask neutral citizens to hide all this in the name of protecting honor of the country.I refuse to hide that my leaders are corrupt , i refuse to admit that  indian leaders and engineers do great jobs, they do what is told by those who feel it first hand , not the politicos and bureaocrats.

And Because praising such messed up Project as pride representative of india means insult to top performers like ‘E Sreedharan’s led Delhi Metro” , therefore i choose to boycott the false Corrupt honor of Indian CWG agencies and Leaders.

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Attack on 8 yr child by palestinians- Why this not becomes news ?

i was wondering that why international biased propaganda media will report that IDF is committing excesses on the school students ,and not that school is hiding the young making terrorists.?


A israli child is almost getting rounded up and attacked !

Seen by good luck by a soldier and saved,

Search follows deep inside school to find the criminal elements and punish them to law despite attempts by muslims to stop the same.


Today Israel is ably trying to defend each and every citizen of its because it is capable , and this is reason the Muslim community is not happy , they want the total domination to which they were used too before the world war II .

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Israel and Palestine – Terrible propaganda

I still remember  growing up seeing the shots of fights between israel defence forces and arabs known as palestines. India had great friendship with then ruler arafat , so media was also focussed on promoting the interests of palestine more than israel .all said , it was like the impression which i believe that ‘poor unarmed palestinans ( islamics ) were being massacred directly or in refugee camps by israel. Later only in life i realised how misled i was .How terribly the terrorist faith which is promoting the destruction all round the world is behind this propaganda of making victims out of attackers.

Long Story short , the truth is that —

Palestine muslims are not unarmed they are heavily armed and always ready to harm the unarmed civilians of israel.

Despite being a proven place of religious importance for jews, the muslims had later in history ( as they have done with all other religions places in world ) began to claim absolute the rights in israel. ( historical research will prove this .)

Over the historical times , before jews were not ready to defend themselves, and before Hitler embarked on genocide, they were regularly massacred by Muslim arabs in lands of Israel when both communities lived together  under British rule   ( see – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1929_Hebron_massacrehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1936-1939_Arab_revolt_in_Palestine)

It was long time  tolerating the killings and evictions from the land before the jews decided that its time to pick up arms and defend their existence, that they have made the strong defence, and now arabs want to blame them for it.

That the surrounding muslim countries have tried many times to defeat the defence of jews, the indirect drama of refugee and pain of suffering palestine muslims have begun.

Since the death of arafat , more terrorist people are ruling palestine muslim regions and are more dangerous than even if given liberty ( They are already torturing women for islamic shariya by way of secret police enforcement – proof news can be found in googling of news ).

America , in its attempts to show a leader of peace is playing a dangerous game of asking israel to degrade its security vis a vis , not being able to control the nuclear devil in iran.

Moral of the story.

Palestine is no more than another dangerous Muslim group  with history of many massacres of Jews in their times of free  rule of their religious law and needs to be very cautiously handled, and deserves no special sympathy.

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Wish you luck Lovers

Anyone who lives in india , knows how terrible it is to love across barriers. be it educated or non educated, urban or city or even the most sophisticated families , or even in so called world class cities like new delhi, or bombay( mumbai) .Be damned to be killed in public, be electrocuted,be paraded naked,and be police persecuted besides being economically strangulated by parents; if they dare love across

Castes ( indian synoymn for apartheid and most toxic factor).

Religions( next biggest threat)

Economic levels ( who said rich can love poor !! its soemthing they love and cheer in only movies).

Same  village or town resident.


Countless news articles can confirm what i mean when u see parents killing and burning the children in cold blood for not obeying the rules, some lucky ones reach courts to get protection and be saved.

There was ray of hope as central govt promised new laws to tackle this menace this parliament session , but it seems distant as it could not make it i guess.god knows when now.

Another hope is ignited by the proposal to be discussed tomorrow in new Delhi govt cabinet( http://in.news.yahoo.com/43/20100912/818/tnl-good-news-for-lovers-if-delhi-relaxe.html) , wish you luck lovers.May god bless you.

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Whom do u want to allow freedom?

I wonder if they belong to same faith , and never find opposing the genocides by their brethen ,now they infiltrate the free land and claim freedom for themselves?

case in point as grim reminder to Mr. Obama’s folly is a small news here.



what states blatent abduction of different religion girls and women and convert them. its happening continously in all their OWN lands.

Wake up America , still there is time, your follies to create monster in osama bin laden, and ISI, and islamic terrorists will be nothing in comparison to what you do now to bring ur enemy in your backyards which will blast you from within.

Its a system, they come innocent, plead for rights, multiply numbers and influence, demand rights ,further increase the influence and claim almighty desire to run their system and destroy “kaafir” ( anyone who is different than them).

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Obama refuses to recognise the threat! backs mosque plans again

News is here ! ,  Mr president is trying to be a savior of the world of peace, appeasement at its peak in name of supporting symbol of terrorists faith and inspiration right at heart of destruction is being promoted.Read history Mr obama, islam kills and destructs and creates a MOSQUE at the won over places as symbol of supremacy! india has so many examples.

World is on fire,inspired by not minority but majority of the practioners of that faith.When mr obama asks you can build a church, or hindu , why not a mosque? well said,  I beleive americans realise that its time to know the difference, while hindu has almost never been on record missions to convert to its faith using force , church has not left it for more kind ways.

whereas … major proponents of current islam have not,and it is continously ON. spread ur way of life and kill and destruct who wishes to be different is the ideology practiced by it.

Now why is america at war with islam? well what is religion, its not something hanging in air, and to be preached by few, it is what is beleived and practised by majority, and it is precisely what was sought has happend on 9 /11. Pity americans true free spirit is in grave danger obama refuses to recognise.Ever seen american ismalists rallying missions to middle east or pakistan, afganistan or somalia to try and calm down the genocide promoted by using the same book? No ! they will only rally in safe and clean america while american blood sheds in the forfign lands defending the destruction and of course commercial interests too.

I am so sorry for america, india had long being caught in the quagmire of islam, i didnt imagined america too will move towards it.

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India’s global competitive ranking keeps dropping

another great piece of news in economic times quotes ” india drops to 51st positions in global competitiveness”


India is already pathetic in TI ( transparency international ) ratings, Would anyone care to see why? I am not sure of many, but as i recognise myself to be this time born indian , so let me try.

Truely said , there are 2 india’s not one, there is  rapid growth experiancing islands, and there is surrounding sea of inefficiecy,corruption coupled with conditions of third world countries. The larger share india continues to dominate and drag the overall india.

Should this not worry anyone who is in the island of prosperous india ? I beleive it should if there is true care for the land,culture exists.Let all the powers that be , so called IASs, IPSs,Politicians,MBAs of IIMs, BTechs of IITs,NITs, be come forward and shape the india they actually want , or is it that they are already shaping the india that majority of them want it to?

Answer are welcome.

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