Israel and Palestine – Terrible propaganda

I still remember  growing up seeing the shots of fights between israel defence forces and arabs known as palestines. India had great friendship with then ruler arafat , so media was also focussed on promoting the interests of palestine more than israel .all said , it was like the impression which i believe that ‘poor unarmed palestinans ( islamics ) were being massacred directly or in refugee camps by israel. Later only in life i realised how misled i was .How terribly the terrorist faith which is promoting the destruction all round the world is behind this propaganda of making victims out of attackers.

Long Story short , the truth is that —

Palestine muslims are not unarmed they are heavily armed and always ready to harm the unarmed civilians of israel.

Despite being a proven place of religious importance for jews, the muslims had later in history ( as they have done with all other religions places in world ) began to claim absolute the rights in israel. ( historical research will prove this .)

Over the historical times , before jews were not ready to defend themselves, and before Hitler embarked on genocide, they were regularly massacred by Muslim arabs in lands of Israel when both communities lived together  under British rule   ( see –

It was long time  tolerating the killings and evictions from the land before the jews decided that its time to pick up arms and defend their existence, that they have made the strong defence, and now arabs want to blame them for it.

That the surrounding muslim countries have tried many times to defeat the defence of jews, the indirect drama of refugee and pain of suffering palestine muslims have begun.

Since the death of arafat , more terrorist people are ruling palestine muslim regions and are more dangerous than even if given liberty ( They are already torturing women for islamic shariya by way of secret police enforcement – proof news can be found in googling of news ).

America , in its attempts to show a leader of peace is playing a dangerous game of asking israel to degrade its security vis a vis , not being able to control the nuclear devil in iran.

Moral of the story.

Palestine is no more than another dangerous Muslim group  with history of many massacres of Jews in their times of free  rule of their religious law and needs to be very cautiously handled, and deserves no special sympathy.


About anudeepnadusha

A simple human being who tries to live beyond the man made limitations and prejudice.
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