Hiding corruption in CWG2010 Delhi – Whose Pride?

I live in country named India.

The capital city new delhi is hosting commonwealth games from 3rd october to 15 october.Salient notable features ( from the horse’s ( athletes ) mouth ) are

– Shabby construction of games village.

-Terrible hyeigiene inside the rooms, toilets dirty,beds and baths stained and shit found inside.

-Expenses have been many times more than planned with all other health and welfare funds of govt put  into  games.

-Organised by people who refused to see the obvious.

-shoddy and unsafe construction evident by many failures.

– dug up and left over in all city leading to congestion.

-untold amount of money spent in facilities at exorbitant rates.

-notable  accidents include falling of bed of indian boxer who was told to shut up or face     the   music.

-Who is in the command

– the  politicians and the govt engineers and IASs selected by the Union Public service Commission for serving the pride of country.

-The Guest complain for normal life and they are accused by indian leaders to be asking for luxury.

What did they ask ?

Cleaning of the following.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is given under the name of “Atithi devo Bhav” slogan by the leaders of india which is supposed to mean ” guest is god like”.

Shame !!!!!!!!

Shame on such leaders who sucked public tax money and created such horror for guests.Shame on all family members of such corrupt people to be a partner in the crime for looting money.

And Shame at last to all those who ask neutral citizens to hide all this in the name of protecting honor of the country.I refuse to hide that my leaders are corrupt , i refuse to admit that  indian leaders and engineers do great jobs, they do what is told by those who feel it first hand , not the politicos and bureaocrats.

And Because praising such messed up Project as pride representative of india means insult to top performers like ‘E Sreedharan’s led Delhi Metro” , therefore i choose to boycott the false Corrupt honor of Indian CWG agencies and Leaders.


About anudeepnadusha

A simple human being who tries to live beyond the man made limitations and prejudice.
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