Obama refuses to recognise the threat! backs mosque plans again

News is here ! ,  Mr president is trying to be a savior of the world of peace, appeasement at its peak in name of supporting symbol of terrorists faith and inspiration right at heart of destruction is being promoted.Read history Mr obama, islam kills and destructs and creates a MOSQUE at the won over places as symbol of supremacy! india has so many examples.

World is on fire,inspired by not minority but majority of the practioners of that faith.When mr obama asks you can build a church, or hindu , why not a mosque? well said,  I beleive americans realise that its time to know the difference, while hindu has almost never been on record missions to convert to its faith using force , church has not left it for more kind ways.

whereas … major proponents of current islam have not,and it is continously ON. spread ur way of life and kill and destruct who wishes to be different is the ideology practiced by it.

Now why is america at war with islam? well what is religion, its not something hanging in air, and to be preached by few, it is what is beleived and practised by majority, and it is precisely what was sought has happend on 9 /11. Pity americans true free spirit is in grave danger obama refuses to recognise.Ever seen american ismalists rallying missions to middle east or pakistan, afganistan or somalia to try and calm down the genocide promoted by using the same book? No ! they will only rally in safe and clean america while american blood sheds in the forfign lands defending the destruction and of course commercial interests too.

I am so sorry for america, india had long being caught in the quagmire of islam, i didnt imagined america too will move towards it.


About anudeepnadusha

A simple human being who tries to live beyond the man made limitations and prejudice.
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