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Hiding corruption in CWG2010 Delhi – Whose Pride?

I live in country named India. The capital city new delhi is hosting commonwealth games from 3rd october to 15 october.Salient notable features ( from the horse’s ( athletes ) mouth ) are – Shabby construction of games village. -Terrible … Continue reading

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Attack on 8 yr child by palestinians- Why this not becomes news ?

i was wondering that why international biased propaganda media will report that IDF is committing excesses on the school students ,and not that school is hiding the young making terrorists.? A israli child is almost getting rounded up and … Continue reading

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Israel and Palestine – Terrible propaganda

I still remember¬† growing up seeing the shots of fights between israel defence forces and arabs known as palestines. India had great friendship with then ruler arafat , so media was also focussed on promoting the interests of palestine more … Continue reading

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Wish you luck Lovers

Anyone who lives in india , knows how terrible it is to love across barriers. be it educated or non educated, urban or city or even the most sophisticated families , or even in so called world class cities like … Continue reading

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Whom do u want to allow freedom?

mosque,new york,USA,9/11,islam Continue reading

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Obama refuses to recognise the threat! backs mosque plans again

News is here ! ,¬† Mr president is trying to be a savior of the world of peace, appeasement at its peak in name of supporting symbol of terrorists faith and inspiration right at heart of destruction is being promoted.Read … Continue reading

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India’s global competitive ranking keeps dropping

another great piece of news in economic times quotes ” india drops to 51st positions in global competitiveness” India is already pathetic in TI ( transparency international ) ratings, Would anyone care to see why? I am not sure … Continue reading

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