Whom do u want to allow freedom?

I wonder if they belong to same faith , and never find opposing the genocides by their brethen ,now they infiltrate the free land and claim freedom for themselves?

case in point as grim reminder to Mr. Obama’s folly is a small news here.



what states blatent abduction of different religion girls and women and convert them. its happening continously in all their OWN lands.

Wake up America , still there is time, your follies to create monster in osama bin laden, and ISI, and islamic terrorists will be nothing in comparison to what you do now to bring ur enemy in your backyards which will blast you from within.

Its a system, they come innocent, plead for rights, multiply numbers and influence, demand rights ,further increase the influence and claim almighty desire to run their system and destroy “kaafir” ( anyone who is different than them).


About anudeepnadusha

A simple human being who tries to live beyond the man made limitations and prejudice.
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