India’s global competitive ranking keeps dropping

another great piece of news in economic times quotes ” india drops to 51st positions in global competitiveness”

India is already pathetic in TI ( transparency international ) ratings, Would anyone care to see why? I am not sure of many, but as i recognise myself to be this time born indian , so let me try.

Truely said , there are 2 india’s not one, there is  rapid growth experiancing islands, and there is surrounding sea of inefficiecy,corruption coupled with conditions of third world countries. The larger share india continues to dominate and drag the overall india.

Should this not worry anyone who is in the island of prosperous india ? I beleive it should if there is true care for the land,culture exists.Let all the powers that be , so called IASs, IPSs,Politicians,MBAs of IIMs, BTechs of IITs,NITs, be come forward and shape the india they actually want , or is it that they are already shaping the india that majority of them want it to?

Answer are welcome.


About anudeepnadusha

A simple human being who tries to live beyond the man made limitations and prejudice.
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