Hello world!

Hi there , i guess this is my third attempt to write a blog, i tried , but couldnt continue , well i hope it will be different this time.

About me.

Well , how do i introduce myself, by country,by language,by body color,,by my age, by my education and of course by my religion or the lack of it say !

Understanding the futility of all this , i would choose a different way, i am person who tries to be true humane.I am 30 +, happen to born in india, speak hindi langauage ( know a bit of french,russian, and lot of english),got chance to study engineering and MBA too,and by religion happend to be in ‘hinduism’.This is my brief introduction and best thing i have learnt about living 30 years that i am not limiting my introduction by my above described boundaries.I am continuously trying to be with everything that makes me better , be it forĀ  country,language,religion,education…….

So this is it. See you world.

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